Swathi Muthyam Review, Rating

Swathi Muthyam Review, Rating - Sakshi Post

Release Date : October 05, 2022

Starring: Bellamkonda Ganesh, Varsha Bollamma, Vennela Kishore, Rao Ramesh, Pragathi

Director: Lakshman K Krishna

Producers: Suryadevara Naga Vamsi

Music Director : Mahati Swara Sagar

Cinematography : Suryaa

Editor : Navin Nooli

Bellamkonda Ganesh's Swathi Muthyam was released in theatres. The film got released alongside Chiranjeevi's GodFather and Nagarjuna's The Ghost. The success of the film totally depends on positive word of mouth. Here's the review of Swathi Muthyam: 

Plot: Bala Muralikrishna (Ganesh Bellamkonda) works as a Junior Engineer in the Electricity department. He is an innocent and calm-going guy who meets Bhagya Lakshmi (Varsha Bollamma) as part of a pre-Pelli Chupulu meet-up. He falls in love with Bhagya Lakshmi at first sight. Slowly, the latter too starts liking him and both families are happy with their match. Everything goes well until the wedding day when something shocking about the groom's past gets revealed. Why did the wedding get canceled? Will Krishna be able to marry his lady love or not? 

Performances:  Bellamkonda Ganesh needs to work on his acting skills. He is a trained actor but it feels like the director didn't extract much from him. He repeats one or two expressions way too often. Varsha Bollama gets a good role but the character development is uneven. She shines in her role despite the drawback. Goparaju Ramana and Rao Ramesh steal the show with their performance. Their humour is a bit slapstick, but it is mostly about their hilarious observations. They express their frustrations to a comical effect. 

Thumbs Up:

Dialgoues in some scenes 
A sensitive topic has been shown 

Thumbs Down:

No strong scenes around the conflict point.
The female lead patches up just like that.
Poor writing in the first half.
Amateurish execution. 

Verdict: Swathi Muthyam is a missed opportunity.


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