Sridevi Soda Center Review, Rating: Sudheer Babu Movie Gets Positive Opening

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Cast: Sudheer Babu, Anandhi
Producers:  Vijay Chilla, Sasidevi Reddy
Cinematography: Shamdat Sainudeen
Editing: Sreekar Prasad.
Production Design: Ramakrishna, Monika
Release Date: August 27, 2021.

Young actor Sudheer Babu is back with a bang with his latest flick 'Sridevi Soda Centre. The film hit the screens today. Guess what? The film has opened to positive reviews from all quarters. It is worth mentioning here that Sudheer Babu and the film team promoted the film extensively. Film critic Kathi Mahesh, who passed away in an accident, has made his last appearance in this movie.

Rebel star Prabhas also promoted the film. It appears all the hard work has been paid off as the film has passed the test in flying colors with the audience giving the film their thumbs up. It is known that even big actors are releasing their films on the OTT platform. However, Sudheer Babu has taken a bold decision and huge risk by releasing their film in theatres amid pandemic as the footfall is not much yet in cinema halls.

Plot: Suri (Sudheer Babu), Sridevi (Anandi) are the main characters in the film. Suri Babu is working with a lighting company in a village. During a festival, Suri gets the contract to light up the entire village. Anandhi (Sridevi) runs a soda center in the same fair (Jathara). Suri and Sridevi meet at the carnival. While everything is going smooth in Suri Babu's life, he wants to help his friend Rajesh. On behalf of Rajesh, Suri enters a boat race. Whoever wins the race could lease it for a year. Suri is not interested but he is ready to fight for his friend. However, he earns an enemy during the competition. The village head is the villain (Kasi), even though they have few lakes under lease. Kasi's son decides to compete against Sudheer Babu. Unfortunately, Sudheer Babu wins the race and the hatred begins from there. Due to some incidents, Pavel Navageethan complains about Sudheer Babu saying he is behaving very arrogantly towards them. Pavel Navageesthan decides to teach Suri Babu a lesson by taking revenge on his family members. 

Pavel Navageesthan's team member pours urine on Sudheer Babu's father Raghu Babu. When he learns about the incident, Suri gets into an altercation with Pavel. In a fit of rage, Sudheer Babu attempts to murder his opponent with a screwdriver. A case is filed against him under attempt to murder. Suri tries to reach a compromise with him. 

Meanwhile, the judge gets to know that the victim is dead. The court orders for Suri to be taken back into the custody. Meanwhile, Sridevi is waiting for him at the bus stop as her father (Naresh) doesn't approve of Inter caste marriages. How does he manage to get out of jail? Can Suri convince Sridevi's father forms the crux of the story.

Performance: Sudheer Babu and Anandhi look good together. Their chemistry is one of the highlights of the film. The duo excel in every scene. All the other supporting cast also do justice to their roles.

Analysis: Although the story seems raw, most of the youngsters would connect to this. The film is directed by Karuna Kumar, who narrates the story well, especially the way he highlights the caste system are well written. The pre-climax scenes, dialogues in the film are intense. Everything in the film are watchable—be it songs, dialgoues or fights.

Verdict: Sridevi Soda Center is an intense film that deals with inter-caste love theme. The second half especially pre-climax and climax are going to be a visual treat for the audience. It's a good movie to watch out for this weekend. Do follow all COVID protocols if you intend to watch the movie on the big screen.


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