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Parari is bankrolled by Sri Shankara Arts. Gali Pratyusha has presented this Friday's theatrical release. Yogeshwaar is the hero of this movie directed by Sai Sivaji.


Yogi (Yogeshwaar) and Aditi study in the same college. They eventually fall in love after an initial low-key romance between the in the shape of glances and conversations. Yogi's father (played by Shyaji Shinde) is a rich man who is a dab hand at business. Yogi's two friends (Raghu Karumanchi and Bhupal) come with their personalities and characters. The latter is in love with his colleague, Shivani Saini.

The plot becomes well-rounded after the five characters get embroiled in a murder mystery. Their problems compound when Yogi's father gets abducted by Pandey (Makrand Deshpande) The rest of the film is about how Yogi and Co. extricate themselves from the morass they find themselves in. The drama also shows how the love between Yogi and his girlfriend takes various turns.


Parari has been made primarily as a romantic crime comedy with loads of thrills. While gripping, the film also satisfies the audience's preference for hilarity. Director Sai Sivaji's narration testifies to the caption the movie comes with: 'Run for Fun'.

The hero and his comrades are constantly on the run right from the interval. Their problems tickle the fun bone occasionally. The first half is filled with the college campus and other fun elements.

The Attapuram episode is laced with some enjoyable adult comedy without getting vulgar. Humour keeps the audience glued to the screen until the arrival of the interval twist.

Murder mysteries take various forms. This one is an example of how a whodunit must be handled without giving away too much.

The roller-coaster ride comes with strong ideas and gains good momentum right from the start. The climax scene is very good. The action sequences are apt.

Performances and other aspects:

Yogeshwar is a newbie who shows promise. His fights and dancing skills are decent. The music comes with an appeal to the mass audience. And the debutant hero lives up to the demands made but the effective songs. His dialogue delivery is also good.

The heroine is a plus. Bhupal's role is full-fledged. Shivani Saini adds to the glamour quotient. Raghu delivers some laughs. Ali, Suman, Shayaji Shinde, and others do well. The supporting artists prove to be the right choice. Bollywood actor and theater artist Makarand Deshmukh Pandey aces the role of a comedy villain. The climax is made special by his acting. Shravan in a negative role and Jeeva in a comedy role is good.

Director Sai Shivaji shows promise. He can do wonders if he works on comedies. Cinematographer 'Garuda Vega' Anji delivers rich output. Chakri's brother Mahit Narayan doles out superb songs, especially 'Garam Garam'.

The film has lyrics penned by Ramajogaiah Shastri, Bhaskara Bhatla and Mahit Narayan. Producer G.V.V. Giri must be appreciated for ensuring quality visuals.

Verdict: Parari has a healthy mix of comedy and roller-coaster thrills.

Rating: 2.75

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