Karnan Review, Rating: Dhanush Breathes Life Into Mari Selvaraj's Vision

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What happens when a world class actor like Dhanush K Raja acts under the direction of a maverick visionary director like Mari Selvaraj? Well, the output is there for all to see in the form of Karnan! So, how has the movie which was to hit the OTT screens surprisngly takes the theatre route, fared? Read on if you intend to watch another Dhanush movie which has already nominated by critics as well as fans to several upcoming awards.

Karnan Plot: The movie revolves around the story of an angry young man who comes as a messiah for the opressed. However, there is a hitch! He has to take on the mighty and the armed. Does he have what it takes to win over them?

The first thing strikes you about Karnan is the introduction of Dhanush's character. Remember I used the word visionary for Mari Selvaraj? That was for a reason. You will know why when you see Karnan's introduction. The Kanda Vara Sollunga number perhaps sets  the stage for what's about to come. Then the director takes the audience down memory lane to establish why Karnan is the darling of the masses. Set in a village Podiyankulam comprising oppressed communities. The residents are deprived even basic facilities to keep them dependent on the powerful people in the neighbouring village. However, Karnan is the saviour. The angry young man is waiting to join the army but in the interim unable to bear to see the atrocities against his own people decides to take them head-on.

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Karnan Review: The story is old wine in a new bottle. Yes the battle between the opressor and opressed has been explored to the T by filmmakers since time immemorial. However, what stands out is the way Mari Selvaraj has dealt with the subject without ignoring every little detail. There are scenes when even the audience start empthasising with the plight of the villagers. Well, isn't that half the battle won? Karnan is a superhero here and we are not at all surprised that villagers pray for his return considering his ability to feel for their situation. 

Verdict: Mari Selvaraj gets 5 full marks for his director and coming up with such a powerful plot. Dhanush as Karnan has delivered a spellbinding performance which will remain etched in the minds of fans forever. The Kollywood actor has just added another feather to his cap with Karnan. Go Watch it this weekend. Put this Dhanush movie on your must watch list.

Karnan Rating: 4/5


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