Gamanam Review, Rating: Watch it For Shriya And Director Sujana Rao

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Sizzling actress Shriya Saran has been ruling the film industry for the past few decades. There isn't a single top Tollywood actor who Shriya hasn't worked with. She has appeared with all the A-list actors in Tollywood. 

Sriya had been missing in action for a while since Akkineni Nagarjuna's Manam, in which she played a full fledged role. If you were missing her, sriya is back in the movie 'Gamnam'.

 The film's trailer struck a chord with the audience. Now, the film has released in theatres across the globe. If you are planning to watch the film and waiting to read the review before booking your tickets. Here you go:

Story: Gamanam revolves around three different characters. Shriya as Kamal plays a tailor in the film. She is mute and her husband leaves her due to the same problem. The movie is about gow does she raise her kids even without her husband's support. The other character is that of Shiva Kandukuri as Ali, who wants to become the best cricketer in the world. He promises his dad that his name will come on paper. On the other hand, Ali also falls in love with Priyanka Jawalkar. Ali and Priyanka's parents refuse to accept their marriage. Priyanka walks out of the house for Ali. Will Ali be able to marry her? Will Ali become a successful cricketer is to be watched in the film. Another story in the film is that of two kids, who work as garbage collectors. The two dream of is to have one grand birthday celebration with cake cutting. Will the kids be able to realise their dream? How does Shriya get her hearing back? How Ali becomes a successful cricketer forms the crux of the story.

Performance: Shriya has out her heart and soul into her character. Acting is a cake walk for Shriya as she can pull off any role easily. However, her efforts to play this character deserves priase. Shiva, Priyanka and Nithya Menen do justice to their roles. The entire crew has given their 100pc, which is evident in every scene. 

Plus Points:

Shriya and other cast performance

Minus Points:

Slow paced in some scenes

Analysis: Although the film is  slow paced, the emotional scenes dominate it. Shriya looks amazing in her role as a physically challenged person. It is not easy for the director to run three parallel stories at the time. But Director Sujana Rao has done it well. The climax of the three characters would make you want to watch the film one more time. Sujana Rao has scored success with her debut film.

Verdict: The film projects struggles of middle-class families. Gamanam writer has added all the ingredients like dreams, pride, money, comforts, and poverty to make it watchable.  Not everybody might not accept Gamanam, but a few of them will surely get connected to the film.


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