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'Bomma Blockbuster', produced by Praveen Pagadala, Bosubabu Nidumolu, Anand Reddy Maddi, and Manohar Reddy Eada, was released in theatres on November 4. Is the film worth a watch? Let's check out our review:


The backdrop of the film is a village where a free-spirited youngster named Pothuraju (Nandu Vijay Krishna) lives. He is a die-hard fan of Puri Jagannadh's style of filmmaking and wants to hand over a winsome film script to his favourite director. In the meantime, he falls in love with a beautiful girl (played by Rashmi Gautam) in his village. Just as their love story follows its own course, Pothuraju faces a personal crisis that sets him on a path of aggression. What is the crisis? Can Pothuraju ever have peace? Can his love story have a happy ending?


This is Nandu Vijay Krishna's most natural performance ever. He looks effortless in action scenes. His dialogue delivery has improved a lot from his previous film. Rashmi Gautam matches his boisterous character. The actress this time doesn't disappoint. She gets to mouth well-written dialogues as well. If she continues to choose roles of this sort, she will have a durable run in films. 

Others like Kireeti Damaraju and Raghu Kunche are also seen.

Technical Departments:

Prashanth R Vihari of 'Chi La Sow' fame gives good tunes. Even though the songs could have been better, the background score is definitely worth it. The cinematography by Sujatha Siddharth is nice; it is one of the major highlights of the movie. B Subhashkar's editing is satisfying. The stunts composed by Rama Krishna (RK) help the film.

What's hot?

Writer-director Raj Virat tells the story in such a way that we appreciate the backdrop. The theatre scenes, the references to local customs, and the pop culture references to blockbusters like 'Pokiri' are interesting. The commercial elements come through in the action episodes. There are no forced elements.The build-up moments are decent enough if you don't expect high-voltage stuff. The making values are commendable. The producers didn't give the film a raw deal. They seem to have reposed faith in the convictions of the director. The rural backdrop, the lifestyle of the lead pair, and the 'fanism' pertaining to Puri Jagannadh have been used well. The emotions built around the central conflict are strong. The father-son sentiment that goes with the main thread is also impressively done.

What's not?

The director shouldn't have taken much time to get to the actual story. The running time is alright, but the filler scenes don't help much.The comedy should have been better.


'Bomma Blockbuster' has the advantage of the right production values. There are a good number of emotional and action moments. Watch it!


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