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Zaid Khan (Hero)
Sonal Monteiro (Heroine)
Sujay Shastry, Devaraj (Cast)
Jayatheertha (Director)
Tilakraj Ballal, Muzammil Ahmed Khan (Producer)
B. Ajaneesh Loknath (Music)
Advaitha Gurumurthy (Cinematography)

Young actor Zaid Khan hails from Karnataka from a reputed political family. The son of B. Z. Zameer Ahmed Khan, an Indian politician, makes his pan-India entry with Banaras. The film has released in theatres. Check out our review to know whether the film lives up to the audience's expectations or not.


Sidharth Simha (Zaid Khan) hails from a rich family. He lost his mother during his childhood, and his father raised him by pampering a lot. He enjoys his life by partying and traveling to different places. Sidharth bets with his friends that he will impress Dhani (Sonal Monteiro). In the process, he narrates a fake story that he came to meet her from a time machine to the present. Dhani believes him and takes him to her room. After Dhani falls asleep, Sidharth takes a selfie picture with her. Sidharth shows the picture to his friends, and it goes viral on social media. Dhani is hurt by the consequences and moves to Banaras. Sidharth realizes his mistake and decides to mend fences. He moves to Banaras, where he has life-changing experiences. 

Performances: Zaid Khan does a commendable job for a fresher. He is effortless in sentimental scenes. Sonal Monteiro is a decent performer. The rest of the cast also does fine in their roles.

What's hot: The travel time concept with twists and turns in Banaras are worth watching. The picturization and songs of the film are also worthwhile. 

The premise is used to deliver both entertainment and message. The second half goes further by introducing a chemical experiment. 

What's not:

The narration is sluggish to an extent. The time loop idea should have been way more entertaining. The scenes between the hero and heroine in the climax should have been more touching. 

Verdict: Banaras is a good entertainer.


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