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Young actor Dhruvan Katakam’s Balamevvadu has opened in theatres. It is directed by Satya Rachakonda. Nia Tripathi is seen as the leading lady in the film. Here’s our review of Balamevvadu:

Plot: Satyanarayana (Dhruvan Katakam) is an insurance agent, who is always busy in meeting the deadlines and earning new clients. One day, he crosses paths with a dance academy, where he falls in love with Parnika (Nia Tripathi), a dance student. After a couple of meetings, they fall in love. When everything is going well between them, Satyanarayana gets to know that Parnika is diagnosed with cancer. How he is going to save her love forms the story.

Performances: Dhruvan gets a good character and delivers a compelling performance. Nia Tripathi lives in her character. She impresses throughout and gives a commendable performance. Veteran actor Suhasini shines in her role, bringing grace to her part. It is a delight to watch Babloo Prithiveeraj on the big screen after a long time.

Thumbs Up:

Dhruvan, Nia Tripathi's performances
Emotional Portions 

Thumbs Down:

Flat Narration

Verdict: Balamevvadu is a message-oriented film. Watch it in your nearest theatres.


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