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Am Aha, directed by Shyam Mandala, is one of the theatrical releases this Friday. Produced by Jorige Srinivas Rao, the film is a crime thriller. Check out the review of Am Aha:

Plot: Kalyan (Sudhakar Reddy), Balu (Raja) and Aravind (Eshwar) are Engineering students making the most of their teenage lives. The trio get embroiled in a murder case of GR Rama Raju's son Gaurav. SI Ravi Prakash demands Rs 20 lakhs from Kalyan, Balu and Aravind for them to be bailed out of the case. The youngsters, who can't tell their parents about the murder case, struggle to pool money.

They then decide to kidnap Kavya. Who is Kavya? Why do they kidnap her for a ransom? Will Kavya's parents agree to pay the demanded ransom? Do the three youngsters have it in them to save their skin?

What's hot: The production values of the film are rich. The cinematography is pleasing. The editing is also sharp.

Jangam Sudhakar gives a commendable performance. Lavanya, as Kavya, appears determined to give her best.

Ramaraju, Ravi Prakash and Duvvasi Mohan also impress in their respective roles. 

What's not: 

While the suspense factor has been ensured, the film suffers from uninspiring background score and music. 

Verdict: If you are a fan of crime thrillers, you would definitely love the thrills in Am Aha.

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