Lee Do Hyun’s transformation in his new drama ‘The Good Bad Mother’

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South Korean actor Lee Do Hyun is admired by his fans for the roles he portrayed in the dramas Hotel del Luna, 18 again, and The Glory. His recent performance in "The Glory" won him millions of admirers. 

Lee Do Hyun portrays the complex male lead Joo Yeo Jeong, a deuteragonist, in "The Glory." His portrayal of Yeo Jeong displayed empathy and understanding. The key concern here is the radical change in his roles. He plays a totally different part in the ongoing drama "The Good Bad Mother", which is being telecasted on Netflix.

In the show, the mother-child bond is addressed. Kang Ho was raised solely by Young Soon, a pig farmer and single mother. Despite her affection for him, Kang Ho thought she was a bad mother because of her strict upbringing. Kang Ho developed into a heartless prosecutor as an adult, and he avoided his mother. He had to start afresh with Young Soon in his hometown due to an unexpected accident. Mi Joo, a close friend from childhood who is renowned for her kindness and commitment to justice, got in touch with Kang Ho again after his injury, which resulted in a life-changing encounter for her.

It is clear that Lee Do Hyun has once again displayed his ability to perform. The actor has revealed a completely new side through Kang Ho. Lee Do Hyun has done justice to the character and has once again left the audience in awe, even though the part requires depth to represent a complicated man who has gone through a lot.

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