World Bank Stops Financial Aid to Taliban Controlled Afghanistan

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The World Bank recently shared that they do not want to aid the Taliban in Afghanistan and hence they will stop the financial support. Afghanistan is currently under Taliban rule, the situation is really bad there and World Bank is not willing to fuel the fire in the country that has become a war zone now.

A spokesperson from the Bank said that they are extremely concerned about the situation. They are worried as to what might happen and also the current plight of women there. They have stopped the operations in Afghanistan. The World Bank has suspended disbursements of its operations in Afghanistan, according to the spokesperson.

In Afghanistan, the World Bank has several development projects that now will fall under the rule and monitoring of the Taliban. Since 2002, the bank has given the war-zone country $5.3 billion in financial aid, largely in the form of grants.

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Almost the entirety of Afghanistan is under Taliban control now, but there are still few parts left that have not been captured by the group. The Taliban fighters are making their way to these leftover regions to get them under their control. Now the Taliban has complete control over Afghanistan. The country is currently in a panic state with citizens desperately trying to flee. Women are scared for their safety and future and the life of their kids. It has become impossible to leave Afghanistan as the flights are getting canceled and the airport is in utter chaos.

The situation became worse when the Joe Biden-led US government retrieved their troops from Afghanistan. The Afghan fighters were not able to stand up against the Taliban and the country fell to their mercy.

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