Dozens of US Cities Get Conned by Rape-accused Nithyananda’s Fake Nation Sister City Pacts

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Rape accused and self-proclaimed godman Swami Nithyananda’s fictional ‘United States of Kailasa’ country has entered into a ‘cultural partnership’ with not just one but 30 US cities. The representatives of the so-called nation somewhere near Ecuador signed ‘sister city’ agreements with dozens of American cities earlier this year. 

The matter came to light when the city of Newark in the US state of New Jersey announced that it is rescinding the ‘sister city’ agreement made with the fictional country. The administration of the city of Newark alleged that it was fooled by a non-existing Hindu nation called "United States of Kailasa". 

According to reports, Nithyananda’s so-called delegates have signed cultural partnerships with the US cities including Ohio, Richmond, Virginia, Ohio, Buena Park, Florida and others. 

Recently, the fake nation ‘United States of Kailasa’ was in the news after images of one of the representatives of the fictional country Vijayapriya Nithyananda  attending the United Nations public meetings in Geneva emerged online.

The controversial godman purchased an island in Ecuador and named it ‘United States of Kailasa’. The place is not recognised by either the UN body or any other country. However, the followers of the India guru keep posting news about this fake nation on social media. It must be noted here Nithyananda is wanted in India on several charges of rape and sexual assault. The godman has denied all the allegations levelled against him. 

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