Canada Snap Polls: Justin Trudeau Vs Erin O' Toole

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Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau who called an early election returned to power in the contested election against the Conservative Party leader Erin O’Toole, according to sources. The Liberals were ahead in 139 of the 338 seats in Canada's House of Commons, the country's elected chamber of parliament. Many votes remained still to be counted.

Last month, Liberal Party leader and incumbent Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced a snap election. Justin Trudeau sought the vote two years ahead of schedule to try to capitalize on his management of the pandemic to win a majority in parliament. Since 2019, Trudeau depended on other parties to govern as he had a minority.

The opposition has been persistent in accusing Trudeau of calling the election two years early in order to get political gains. When Trudeau first won in 2015, he got the star power of his father, the late Liberal icon and Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, but a mix of high expectations, scandal, and calling the election last month during the epidemic have damaged his reputation.

Trudeau at a campaign stop in Windsor, Ontario, on Friday, said that, "He's more interested in standing up for the rights of anti-vaxxers within his own party than he is in standing up for people who have done the right things and want to get back to normal." 

He said that Conservatives' approach was more skeptical of lockdowns and vaccine mandates and it would be harmful. He further added that Canadians need a government that follows science.

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