Buzz on Social: Military Coup in China as Prez Xi Jinping Placed Under House Arrest

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Social media is abuzz with the talk of Chinese President Xi Jinping being put under house arrest. Currently, hashtags like #chinacoup and #XiJinping are trending on the micro-blogging site Twitter on Saturday. 

One would find several posts on Twitter suggesting  Xi Jinping’s removal from the high office and placing under house arrest. Jinping was recently in Samarkand to attend the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation, or SCO, summit. The social media posts claim that Jinping was removed as the chief of China’s People’s Liberation Army, or the PLA. However, the Chinese Community Party or the state media has not responded or confirmed the rumour. 

“New rumour to be checked out: Is Xi jingping under house arrest in Beijing ? When Xi was in Samarkand recently, the leaders of the Chinese Communist Party were supposed to have removed Xi from the Party’s in-charge of Army. Then House arrest followed. So goes the rumour,” BJP leader Subramanian Swamy tweeted. 

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Several Chinese users have claimed that Xi jingping has been placed under alleged house arrest as the PLA has taken control of the Army. Meanwhile, speculations are rife that Li Qiaoming has taken over the charge as the President of China.

According to Chinese netizens, Xi Jinping was removed as the President of China while he was attending the SCO summit in Uzbekistan. When Jinping got a hint of the major development, he immediately returned to Beijing, but he was apprehended at the airport and put under house arrest at an unknown location in Zhongnanhai. 

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