After Herat, Taliban Takes Control Of Kandahar

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The Taliban have continued their anarchy in Afghanistan. They recently have captured the second largest city of Afghanistan, Kandahar resulting evacuation of military and government officials from the city.

The Taliban, on Friday, claimed the takeover of Kandahar leaving just the capital and some other places in the government’s hands. Earlier, they captured Heart, Afghanistan’s third-largest city.

While a Taliban spokesman tweeted, ”Kandahar is completely conquered. The Mujahideen reached Martyrs’ Square in the city”, the AFP government forces appeared to have withdrawn to a military facility outside the Kandahar.

The seizure of the city of Ghazni cuts off main highways linking Kabul, the Afghan capital city and the country’s southern provinces. Though Kabul itself isn’t directly under threat yet, the losses and battles tighten the grip of the Taliban. It is estimated that Taliban are now holding power in over two-third of areas of the country.

It is reported that the government has now almost lost control over the country, following an eight-day blitz into urban centres by the Taliban.

The government has now effectively lost control of most of the country, following an eight-day blitz into urban centres by the Taliban that has left the Afghan government and its US backers stunned.

Meanwhile, the US and UK are sending reinforcements to Kabul to help evacuate their diplomats, soldiers and citizens of Afghans who have worked with them.

 The UK said it would send 600 troops, and the defence secretary, Ben Wallace, said Britain was relocating its embassy from the outskirts of the secure Green Zone to a potentially safer location closer to the centre of the capital.

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