IIT-K hosts training programme with AARDO

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Kanpur, Nov 20 (IANS) The Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur (IIT-K) has hosted an international training programme in association with the African-Asian Rural Development Organisation (AARDO) on the role of nanotechnology in plant growth and crop protection for sustainable agriculture.

The programme held from November 10-19, provided a platform for experts from various disciplines to deliberate on solutions to meet the pressing global challenge of ensuring food security and sustainability in agriculture.

Topics covered ranged from the role of nanomaterials in creating a sustainable micro-climate for horticulture to the potential applications of nano-biotechnology in plant nutrition.

Sessions included discussions on smart agriculture practices, sustainable chemistry for crop growth, and the use of drones and agrivoltaic systems in agriculture.

A highlight of the workshop was the emphasis on research for practical applications, with sessions such as 'Lab: Nanomaterials Development and Testing' by Prof. Mainak Das and 'Lab: Cultivation of Flavor and Fragrance Plant' during a visit to FFDC Kannauj.

Sessions such as '“Agrivoltaic systems: Combining Solar PV and Agriculture' and 'Green Simulation Models in Agriculture' underlined the programme’s commitment to not only discussing theoretical advancements but also showcasing real-world applications.

Prof. S. Ganesh, Officiating Director, IIT Kanpur, in his statement, expressed his enthusiasm about the workshop's success.

“This programme is a confluence of ideas and innovations that highlights how nanotechnology can revolutionise sustainable agricultural practices. We are proud to have hosted this international event and are sure that the insights shared here will significantly take us towards a more sustainable and technologically advanced agricultural future,” he said.

Prof. J. Ramkumar, Department of Mechanical Engineering and Design, who is also the Coordinator for ImLab, MedTech Lab & RuTAG IIT Kanpur, said: "The collaboration between AARDO and IIT Kanpur will open new avenues for research and development in agriculture. The diverse range of topics covered in this workshop, from microbial products in agriculture to the role of biodegradable carbon-based nanomaterials in crop protection, highlights the huge potential that nanotechnology holds in transforming sustainable practices in agriculture."

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