BTS’ V Can Never Go Wrong In Terms Of Fashion

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BTS' V, also known as Kim Taehyung, was in Paris. He and actor Park Bo Gum were scheduled to attend a men's show as brand ambassadors. The show was, however, cancelled as a result of the ongoing political situation in Paris.

In the midst of this, a photo of Taehyung aka V from a gathering has appeared online.

V poses alone in the photograph while holding a glass of martini. He wore all-black outfit, with his blonde hair serving as the cherry on top. He wore black pants, a jacket and a black T-shirt. He finished the look with a necklace and kept his hair messy.

V has once again shown why he can never possibly be wrong in terms of fashion.

A second video featuring V and Park Bogum has also been uploaded. In the video that was posted by a prestigious magazine, he can be heard stating "Welcome to Paris."

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