Bigg Boss Non Stop: Have Akhil Fans Given Up on Him?

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Attention Bigg Boss Non Stop viewers! There is one more week to go for the grand finale episode of Bigg Boss Telugu OTT. So hurry up and vote for your favorite contestant on Hotstar. 

It is known that Akhil is the most popular and well-known contestant in the glasshouse. Akhil has impressed the Bigg Boss Telugu audience in Season 4 by his gameplay and attitude. And his entry into Bigg Boss Non-Stop has made the audience come and watch the show. Akhil Sarthak also has a huge following outside the Bigg Boss Non Stop show. Akhil's fans never gave up on him and made sure that he stood in first or second place in the voting poll. But Akhil's fans are never seen trending him on Twitter or other social media platforms. 

However contestant Bindu's fans and audience are never leaving a stone unturned to trend her on social media. 
Though Akhil has a huge following, the audience is wondering why his fans are not trending him with the finale coming up in a week.

Anyway, Akhil is topping the nomination polls for the past few weeks. So, we can say that Akhil fans are quietly doing their work to make Akhil the winner of Bigg Boss Telugu OTT. 

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It is known that the audience and fans play the main roles in reality shows. The winner or loser will be decided by audience votes. So let us wait and watch what Akhil and his fans have in store for us. 

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