Elvish Yadav, Sangam Vigyaanik, Mellow D break the ‘Systum’ with ‘Vehem’

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Mumbai, Nov 18 (IANS) Unleashing a full on desi swag packed rap in Haryanvi, YouTuber and now ‘Bigg Boss OTT 2’ winner Elvish Yadav’s new song ‘Vehem’ breaks the ‘Systum’ once again, as Sangam Vigyaanik and Mellow D take it out the park.

Infusing singing and freestyle rapping with electronic music, and some folk, the track is simple and streamlined, though has a unique feel to it as it is unashamedly experimental with a more rustic folk style.

The singing and rapping is very well mixed, while the instrumentation is really basic but complements the song extremely well. Knowing exactly what they wanted to do, ‘Vehem’ is both energetic and yet surprisingly mellow.

Most Haryanvi rap is known for fury packed energy and its very fast pace, but this time it is very grounded and more focused on being slick and smooth, despite having the same mainstream approach to music.

Mellow, melodic, and very groovy, the music video features Elvish in full style and there is a great amount of glamour present, as is tradition with a lot of modern rap.

The video mainly focuses on Elvish in various attires in both day and night, dancing it out with the rappers and surrounded by girls, all of whom emit swag just from their look and attitude.

The production is crystal clear and surprisingly rather restrained, as it doesn’t feature a booming bass. Instead it is primarily focused more on its electronic side, and the melody produced by synthesisers.

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