Errors in Telangana Inter Exam Paper Put Students in a Fix

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Telangana: On Thursday, intermediate second-year exam papers were hampered by inaccuracies.

Hyderabad: On Thursday, the Intermediate Public Examinations were hampered by inaccuracies. Question Number 8, worth five marks in section B of the Political Science (Civics) paper-II exam, was different from the English and Telugu versions of the question papers, which surprised intermediate second-year students.

The English version had "Point out the main provisions of the Independence of India Act, 1947," whereas the Telugu version had "Describe the home rule movement in the Indian Independence struggle." This is when all copies of the question sheets should have identical questions.

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There were also mistakes in the Mathematics IIA Urdu medium question paper. In section A, question 1, the word 'Farji' was used instead of 'Zarbi,' which implies multiplicative. Students should interpret it as 'Zarbi' instead of 'Farji,' and the term 'Theek' should be removed from section B Exam Number 20 of the Mathematics-IIA Urdu medium question paper, according to Board authorities.

The Telangana State Board of Intermediate Education (TSBIE) responded to the matter by stating that it found a difference in Question Number 8 of the Political Science II year between the English and Telugu versions of the question papers. The Board, on the other hand, has created distinct assessment schemes for the Telugu and English versions, and evaluation would be carried out appropriately, according to the statement.

"There is no ambiguity in this regard. Marks will be awarded for Telugu medium students, whether Telugu version or English version, question number eight was attempted as per the scheme of evaluation," it said.

Meanwhile, 21,876 second-year students did not show up for Thursday's examinations. While 4,39,171 students signed up for the tests, only 4,17,295 showed up. During the test, twelve malpractice charges were registered, including seven in Vikarabad, four in Nagarkurnool, and one in Peddapalli district.

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