RGV's Quirky Take on Aryan Khan Release From Jail

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Diwali has been a date in Bollywood reserved for the biggest film releases. The holiday season brings a hopeful time for the actors, for their movies to earn big in the theatres. This date has mostly been the "Khans Special" as we saw some of the biggest releases from both Shah Rukh Khan and Aamir Khan on Diwali. 

This time the Khans are not releasing any film but still the date is a "Khan's release special" and Ram Gopal Varma tells us how. He shared a post on Twitter with a quirky take on the Aryan Khan case and his release from jail recently. 

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"In Bollywood, Diwali has always been reserved for a Khans's release. This Diwali also Khan got released," wrote RGV. Here is the tweet: 

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