Making Films for OTT Viewers Tougher, Says Subhash Ghai

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Legendary filmmaker Subhash Ghai announces his next production under his company Mukta arts ltd titled - '36 Farmhouse', out an out family entertainer of the year with a theme “some steal for NEED - some steal for GREED “ 

After contributing to Indian cinema with some of the biggest blockbuster successes such as Hero, Ram Lakhan, Khalnayak, Pardes, and Taal among others, Subhash Ghai is all set to bring the family entertainer of the year first time for small screen titled 36 Farmhouse. Known to be the showman of Bollywood through his filmmaking skills, Ghai does not shy from producing big entertainers for the home screen and has been involved with equal passion in the process throughout. Also, it marks Subhash Ghai's OTT debut as the film is all set to release on ZEE5.

The new venture is inspired by Ghai's endeavor to offer viewers content that a family can enjoy together. Well on his way to presenting the family dramedy, the filmmaker remarks that he reinvented himself to cater to the need for entertainment on the home screen that has seen a huge surge since the last two years, yet imbibing his beliefs of keeping family at its core. 

Donning the mantle of a producer and story writer for 36 Farmhouse, Subhash Ghai says “It's great if one can reach out to viewers across the world, who have exposure to great content. 36 Farmhouse is sure to echo with the sentiments of the Indian diaspora worldwide because it has family issues today at its core and it also explores the dichotomy of the rich and the poor through an interesting lens.”

Produced by Subhash Ghai and Rahul Puri, directed by Ram Ramesh Sharma, with a story written by Subhash Ghai and dialogues by Sharad Tripathi, 36 Farmhouse stars Flora Saini, Amol Parashar, Barkha Singh, Vijay Raaz, Ashwini Kalsekar, and Sanjay Mishra.

Why and how u choose to make a digital debut with 36 Farmhouse

Ghai: Change is the name of life - so is for the storytellers that have to re-learn to write for the new medium with the best of all our experience of writing drama stories for the big screen for four decades so I am excited to create the new energy and quality update on the small screen too. 
I’m sure our new attempt with the film "36 farmhouse" on ZEE 5 will be loved by the viewers as a family entertainer - especially a  film from Subhash Ghai and his young team all over. 

As a filmmaker how different was the process of putting out a film in OTT space?

Ghai: The Very first difference is that there is no interval or a break for a tea or popcorn and you are obliged to watch in one go like in cinema hall but on OTT a film can be watched with many intervals as decided by channels or by the viewers at their own will - How a film grips them tight for long in their private space.

- In cinema, we call the public an "audience" but on OTT we mention them as viewers who have the power to watch, stop and forward as they like.

- The grammar of writing a screenplay and making a film for OTT is different than grammar for big screens. There is a very little scope of pauses and stay and using the virtues of long shots on screen and also in narrative on home/mobile screen.  So it is a tougher task for us to make an interesting film with repeat value for OTT  viewers which they can enjoy watching 20 times in due course compared to what happens in cinema.

But my team has done it with this film 36 FARMHOUSE to prove that we can make a best of quality modern drama with fun like 36 farm house for home screens too as a family entertainer with thrill and fun all the way.

So I am re-learning to write and produce interesting stuff for the home screen too along with big-screen cinema - Please wish me the best. Haha!!

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