Bheed Actors Give a Shout-out to Feeding From Far Ahead

Karan Pandit, Dia Mirza and Rajkummar Rao recognize #HarBheedMeinEkHero and give a shout-out to Feeding From Far ahead of their upcoming release

The ever-gorgeous Dia Mirza, versatile Rajkummar Rao and Freddy famed heartthrob Karan Pandit are all praises for Covid heroes ahead of their upcoming film, Bheed. Recently they took to Instagram to spotlight these everyday heroes and celebrated ‘Feeding From Far’, a hunger-mitigation initiative launched by the then 29 year old Paritosh Pant, in the wake of the pandemic to alleviate hunger among disadvantaged communities. With emphasis on individuals who went beyond their call of duty as the world grappled the contagion, Paritosh’s Feeding From Far has emerged to be the longest running Covid campaign and has so far distributed over 34lakh meals across Mumbai specifically catering to areas such as Govandi, Dharavi and Machhimar Nagar among others.

Karan Pandit’s post read, “Feeding From Far is one such initiative, They served over 33,00,000 meals since the first lockdown and continue to do so. Here is a short video detailing their wonderful work in Chiplun. Do check out their handle.”

Rajkummar Rao reshared the post symbolizing gratitude and love while Dia Mirza dropped some joined hands too. 

Commenting on the same Paritosh Pant, Founder, Feeding From Far said, “It feels great when a film portrays the goodness in the society amidst the gloom and people in power promote stories of selflessness and love. It just empowers others to come to the forefront and contribute to the upliftment of the community while making the concept of social welfare both aspirational and accessible. It is nice to see that the generosity and efforts of the change-makers may have been unspoken of but haven’t gone unnoticed. 

Imbibing social work as a way of life and not a one off especially for the privileged class is the need of the hour. The zeal of Karan Pandit and the cast of Bheed is truly inspiring and we just hope this marks the birth of many more groups and agencies focussed on social change.”
The first seeds of Feeding From Far were sown in 2020, when Paritosh, a social entrepreneur took up the task of bringing meals to people affected by the pandemic. Today, the volunteer-driven programme has distributed over 33lakh meals across Dharavi, Govandi and Macchimar Nagar in Mumbai with the larger vision of making India hunger-free. You can also donate to the crowd-funded initiative and get 80g tax exemptions/benefits as you contribute to the resurgence of the crippling communities. 

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