Andhra Pradesh To Replace DSC-2008 Contract SGT Surplus Posts

Education Commissioner Chinaveerabhadra  - Sakshi Post

SGT excess jobs would be replaced in Andhra Pradesh under the DSC-2008 contract.

Amravati: On Monday, Education Commissioner Chinaveerabhadra instructed the concerned district education officers and RJDs to make efforts to fill the remaining positions in the state by selecting qualified people as contract SGTs in 2008 DSC.

In June, orders were issued to recruit 2,193 people on a contract basis for a certain period across the state. For different reasons, 144 of them did not attend the duties. The Education Commissioner has instructed the DEOs to take measures to fill these surplus jobs, according to Onteru Srinivasula Reddy, Karanam Harikrishna, and Simhachalam, heads of the Coordinating Forum of Teachers' Unions.

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