Chandrababu will not be seen after elections: Jagan

Chandrababu will not be seen after elections: Jagan - Sakshi Post

YSR Congress Party chief YS Jagan Mohan Reddy on Friday came down heavily on TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu, during his 'YSR Jana Bheri Yatra' at  Macherla of Guntur district. 

Addressing a mammoth crowd of people, Jagan said Naidu has the habit of telling lies and going back on his promises soon after coming to power. “But I am not like that. I am younger than Naidu by 25 years and will fight till the end to implement my promises. Naidu is lying as he knows this will be his last elections," said Jagan.

“The  difference between the regimes of Chandrababu Naidu and YSR was credibility. That is what I have inherited from my father, YSR.  Naidu doesn’t possess this,” he said amid loud applause of people.

Excerpts from his speech:

  • People loved Dr YS Rajasekhara Reddy and held him in high esteem as he implemented several welfare schemes
  •  I am younger to Naidu by 25 years and will fight till the end to implement my promises. 
  • Five years after YSR death, he is still remembered by the people as his welfare schemes have percolated deep into the hearts of the people as he believed in value-based politics and was synonymous with credibility. 
  • The nine year TDP rule has driven people into indebtedness and suicides 
  • Do you how much loans the farmers took?  He is now promising loan waivers and free power. If you go and ask him anything, he will say he will give for free. 
  • The four signatures I will stamp immediately after coming to power would change the course of the state and put the development clock back on its precision 
  • My first signature will be on the Amma Vadi scheme where in Rs 1,000 would be directly deposited to the mother’s bank account monthly for the education of her two children
  • The second signature will be on the file to increase the old age pension to Rs 700 per month.
  • A Market Stabilisation Fund would be set up to provide cushion and provide MSP to farmers
  • The fourth signature would waiving interest on DWACR loans
  •  If any injustice is done to people of Telangana, Seemandhra people should go to their rescue and vice versa.
  • Ayodya Rami Reddy is our MP candidate of Narasaraopeta. As an industrialist, he has provided jobs to many.  If he wins, he will develop his area more.


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