'It took CM 43 days to find out flaws in T bill?'

'It took CM 43 days to find out flaws in T bill?' - Sakshi Post

Hyderabad, "CM Kiran Kumar Reddy and TDP Chief Chandrababu Naidu should apologise to people of Andhra Pradesh,"demanded YSRCP honorary president YS Vijayamma.

In an interview, she spoke at length about bifurcations, and the repercussions the move will bring. She added that both CM and Naidu held important positions, and if concern for welfare of people were their priority then the AP re-organisation bill would  have never come to the state assembly.


Excerpts from the interview: 

On CM Kiran Kumar Reddy and Naidu:

"I am very surprised by the actions of CM Kiran Kumar Reddy. It took him 43 days to say that the T bill is flawed? If that is the case, why did he ask for extension on discussion of the bill?," Vijayamma questioned.

She added, "Did Naidu come to know about the flaws only after the CM spoke in the Assembly?  After working as CM for 9 years, Naidu couldn't even figure out the flaws in a bill?  In spite of everything that is happening around him, he hasn't even uttered the word, 'Samaikyandhra' once, and neither has he supported united Andhra in state assembly."

On T Bill and resolution:

Taking on the Assembly, Vijayamma said, "It has never happened before in the history of the country that a bill has been introduced in the state assembly without a resolution." She also pointed out that in the Bihar Assembly, the Bill was sent back when a resolution could not be called. "Things would have been different in the presence of efficient leaders," she said. 

YSRCP has been demanding Samaikya resolution under rule 77,78 from the beginning of assembly session, she added.

On Samaikyandhra:

"We have been standing for 'Samaikyandhra', in spite of being humiliated by other  parties constantly. We have taken pains for a united Andhra," she said. 

She added that, "if either the CM or the TDP chief was interested in people's welfare they would have attended the Business Advisory Council (BAC) meetings, and not sent their representatives  from both regions who gave two different party stands on bifurcation."

"We clearly articulated our stand in the BAC meet, that a resolution has to be passed. We also asked for voting on the Bill. We have also asked Minister Raghuveera Reddy to introduce the resolution and we will extend the support,but we still dint get any response from him," said the honorary president. 

She pointed out that the YSRCP had submitted affidavits to President Pranab Mukharjee, along with their MPs and MLAs. "We have also rejected clauses 1 to 108, and gave amendments on the bill. We haven't missed a single opportunity to keep the state united," she said. 

On Seemandhra and beyond:

Dismissing the allegations made by Congress and TDP, Vijayamma said," There was no truth in the allegations that YSRCP is only popular in Seemandhra.YS Rajasekhara Reddy, during his reign, did justice to everyone in spite of the regions. He was loved in both the regions. During this elections, we will stand for 'samaikya' only."  

"Just 100 days after demise of YSR, state division came into picture. This clearly reflects the inefficiency of state leaders," she said. 

Vijayamma pointed out that the congress and TDP was only interested in 'divide and rule' policy, and the betterment of people of AP was not on their agenda.


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