Superhero Posters Mark 10 Years Of Marvel Studios

Representative image - Sakshi Post

To celebrate ten years of the Marvel Cinematic Universe under the guidance of Marvel Studios, some really nice posters were released. A new site via Disney Rewards with contests, a timeline was also launched. Once on the site, it contains a timeline for the MCU with descriptions of each film, up to this July’s “Ant-Man and Wasp.” There is also a contest where you can win your own private screening of the film with 100 friends by spending Disney Movie Reward points. You can enter up to 99 times at 5 points an entry after the first as a part of an ongoing ‘Ten Years of Fandom’ sweepstakes that runs through July.

The posters, all in a winning shade of gold, are character-focused, with some pretty winning entries. Here are some of the posters and fan reactions they have evoked on twitter.

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