Babu waiving off loans in his dreams, quips Roja

Babu waiving off loans in his dreams, quips Roja - Sakshi Post

"TDP members have been boasting that Chandrababu have liberated the farmers from debt trap and have given interest free loans. The TDP leaders appear to be day-dreaming," said YSRCP MLA Roja on Saturday.

"Where and when did they waive off loans? They must have done that in their dreams," she said.
Speaking to a news channel, Roja said the TDP members are making personal attacks on YSR in a bid to cover up the government’s failure in implementing its poll promises.
" They are resorting to counter attacks on us instead of giving answers to our questions on people's problems. The government has failed to respond on the issues pertaining to fee reimbursement, Hudhud cyclone relief and rehabilitation, contract workers' issue, and job security of IKP animators," she said and added that the government has been cheating the farmers in the name of loan waiver "He created confusion among farmers with loan waiver scheme. How can he waive just Rs 5, 000 crores, when there are loans worth Rs 70,000 are pending?" she added.
"Dhotis will turn into nooses for the TDP if they fail to implement poll promises," said Nagari MLA.

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