YSR: An unforgettable leader!

YSR: An unforgettable leader! - Sakshi Post

He was the darling of masses; the reason behind myriad contented smiles. He was a dependable shoulder to cry on for countless sisters and brothers.He was a beacon of light that radiated confidence. For the crores of masses, he was just Rajanna. 

Seven years after Yeduguri Sandinti Rajasekhara Reddy or just YSR left us, his memories live on. His actions endure and his pro-people ways continue to be remembered by every heart that he touched. 

His schemes have transformed the lives of poor, marginalised and the uncared for. Even his bitter detractors grudgingly admit that his umpteen schemes have brightened the lives of people. Many other states have copied his schemes. 

Some of his schemes - free electricity for farmers, fee reimbursement scheme for economically backward students, the path-breaking 'pavala vaddi' scheme for SHG women, a roof over the head of every single family, Arogyasri universal healthcare scheme that brought quality healthcare to the doorstep of the poorest of the poor and interest-free loans to farmers - have benchmarks in social welfare. 

His political rise has not been easy. He had impediments galore obstructing his path at every step. Yet, his grit, determination, derring do and the passion to improve the lot of the poor and the uncared have helped him to blow away all obstructions and progress on the path of service. No wonder, his six year rule is the best that the people of the state have seen. After his death, the development has come to a standstill and political instability stalked the state. 

On his 66th birth anniversary, Sakshi Post pays homage to the great leader, visionary, lover of the masses and one who believed in the welfare of all. 

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