'Will quit politics if KCR wins by 50000 votes'

'Will quit politics if KCR wins by 50000 votes' - Sakshi Post

Former Government Whip Anil Kumar ridiculed TRS chief KCR and said splitting the TRS was no big deal. He said some 10 TRS MLAs left the party and dealth it a body blow in the past.

Now, the TRS chief is worried that similar desertions could happen now. He is worried that some of his MLA candidates, who have a sure of chance of emerging victorious, might leave the party, Anil said.

Speaking to reporters in Hyderabad on Saturday, he said KCR's olive branch to the Congress and the offer of support to the UPA at the Centre were aimed at preventing the split in his party. He predicted that TRS would not win more than 45 seats in the ensuing elections.

“KCR would be trounced at Gajwel. I will quit politics of KCR wins Gajwel by more than 50,000,” said the leader. He asked KCR whether he would quit politics if he failed to get a majority of 50000.

- Sakshipost

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