Vijayamma: Higher education is the right of every person

Vijayamma: Higher education is the right of every person - Sakshi Post

YSR Congress Party president YS Vijayamma hit out at the government over the fee reimbursement scheme and said it was not even capable of conducting EAMCET counseling for Engineering students.

Calling  off her two-day deeksha by accepting a glass of lemon juice offered by students on Friday evening, she said that if meaningless conditions are set aside, the fee reimbursement scheme will benefit millions of students.  Due to the government's negligence, students were dropping out of their studies, she lamented.

"Just for name sake, the Congress party is claiming to have allotted huge funds to the education sector, but its failed in implementing the same," she said. "As many as 4000 government aided schools are on the verge of closing down," she added.

Vijayamma kick-started her Deeksha on Thursday morning with the slogan ‘higher studies is the right of the poor’ and demanded that government  implement the scheme in its original form as implemented by YSR. Scores of students and their parents took part in the deeksha at the Indira Park in Hyderabad.

Recalling how YSR had implemented the schemes, Vijayamma said that YSR had implemented all the welfare schemes without burdening the public."He is there in every Telugu person's heart and his schemes are popular among the student community . YSR is synonymous with trust, assurance and hope. YSR's name has created history  in politics," she added.


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