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oneplus10leakedspecs - Sakshi Post
Apr 22, 2022
OnePlus has had a busy few months with a slew of new products in a variety of markets. Last month, the Chinese smartphone manufacturer unveiled the OnePlus 10 Pro, its first flagship model for 2022.
Instagram To Let Users Post Photos, Videos From Desktop Web Browser - Sakshi Post
Oct 20, 2021
Instagram: Starting October 21, Instagram users will be able to publish images and videos in less than one minute using their desktop computer browser.
 - Sakshi Post
Sep 02, 2021
Twitter is experimenting with a new safety feature that would immediately block accounts for seven days if they use insults, abusive comments, or unsolicited responses.
 - Sakshi Post
Jul 19, 2021
Anyone can now share their hobbies and ideas with others, thanks to the advent of social media. In addition, the general public also has the opportunity to connect directly with celebrities.
 - Sakshi Post
Jul 17, 2021
Facebook, the most popular social networking site, has accelerated the introduction of new features. It is more appealing to provide additional amenities for users.
Instagram - Sakshi Post
Dec 29, 2018
Facebook-owned photo-sharing platform Instagram has come under fire after it introduced a major upgrade, a scrolling feature, only to roll it back within an hour.
Representational Image  - Sakshi Post
Dec 11, 2017
WhatsApp is testing new features for its over one billion users that include tap to unblock and private replies in groups, among others.
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