Spoiler Alert Janaki Kalaganaledu Today's Episode November 16: Jaanu Supports Rama Chandra

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Janaki Kalaganaledu: After Janaki solves the problem between Subbaiah's daughter and her husband, Jnanamba gets worried thinking about her future. This is because Myravathi would scold Jaanu as she explained the decision in the absence of Myravathi. 

Meanwhile, Govindaraju consoles Jnanamba to relax. The next morning, Myravathi asks Janaki and Rama Chandra to distribute clothes to the villagers. While they are distributing the clothes, one of the villagers asks Jaanu to give an explanation about her decision to marry Rama. 

She said that villagers were gossiping that Jaanu married Rama only for her property and not out of love. However, Jaanu explains to her that she loves her husband so much and there is no need for the property that comes from Jnanamba's family. 

Govindaraju feels overwhelmed after listening to Janaki. Myravathi expects that it will be hard to assess Janaki's nature. Later, all the family members celebrate the Diwali festival. 

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