Spoiler Alert Janaki Kalaganaledu Today's Episode November 01: Rajini Feels For Rama Chandra

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Janaki Kalganaledu: While Mallika is cooking, Janaki comes and asks her to give the responsibility. Mallika then asks Janaki to get out of the kitchen as she is not allowed to do cooking. She further annoys Jaanu with her words. Janaki loses her temper and shouts at Mallika. 

Mallika who wanted to shout at Janaki observes Jnanamba and starts her double action. She later goes near Jnanamba and tells that Janaki is intentionally irritating her and wanted to make Janaki bad infront of Jnanamba. However, Jnanamba yells at Janaki and Mallika to stay calm and leaves the place. 

Meanwhile, Rajini comes from the shop and starts crying as Jnanamba is not talking to Rama Chandra. However, Jnanamba cools down Rajini and serves him the food. 

In the evening, Rama comes home but stops at the gate. When Rajini and Janaki asks about the reason, Rama said that he was sad as Jnanamba is not talking to her. He further asks Rajini to call the customer and inform them that he was cancelling their order. 

How will Janaki react after listening to Janaki's decision is to be watched in the next episode. 

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