Moj, Making Dreams Come True

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When Sajith Sivan (, a 23-year-old boy from Kerala received a call from Assistant Director Sinto Sunny, he couldn’t believe that a humble rickshaw driver like him was being considered for a movie. It was his life-long dream to act and see himself on the big screen. Hailing from a humble background, Sajith didn’t have the means to go for auditions and wait in line with countless other aspiring actors. So, how did he find himself sitting next to an Assistant Director without attending a single audition?

With internet on his palm and short-video app Moj, he dared to dream and showcased his talent to the world. Many of his videos went viral on the internet and some of them made the AD excited about him. Rest is history - Sajith is now not only a popular content creator on Moj but also, an actor in the upcoming movie Ellam Sheriyaakum.

Short video platforms like Moj have become the launch pad for many talented artists that are waiting to be discovered. Take, for example, Samrat Shetty ( an aspiring actor who hails from a small town in Karnataka called Hassan. Before the pandemic, he shifted base to Bangalore and attended multiple auditions only to be rejected each time. But, as the pandemic took over, Samrat moved back home and showcased his acting prowess through Moj. Not only was Samrat encouraged by his followers, the artist managers at Moj guided and pushed him to make his content better and stronger. In a few months’ time, Samrat landed a role in a leading Kannada TV serial - Marali Bandalu Seethe, without stepping out to go for auditions.

With over 160 million monthly active users, Moj features a host of videos, comedy being the most popular video category. Goutham M ( is a creator on the platform who is known for his comic timing. His social message videos are laced with humour and make him a viral hit with the Tamil speaking audience.

It’s not just acting and comedy that grab people’s attention but diverse genres like dance and magic are also popular. Praveen Ulli ( from Hyderabad was able to open a dance studio, Fire Feet thanks to the popularity of his dance videos. Despite attending reality shows and choreographing dance routines, Pravin was not getting the limelight he wanted. He channelized his energy by making dance videos on Moj and realised that people wanted to learn to dance from him. With that confidence, he was able to follow his passion and also make a living through it.

Pritam Nath (, a magician par excellence hails from a small town in Tripura. In spite of learning magic at a very young age, he did not find an audience who supported and understood him. When he uploaded his videos on Moj, he took people’s breath away with his magical tricks and stunts.

Moj is one such app that has levelled the playing field by celebrating the power and popularity of short videos. The potential of showcasing talent on short videos is not restricted to just acting or dancing. Talent is a wide spectrum and not just limited to the conventional means. Two Moj creators Rajesh Kandalya ( and Rahul Raju ( are proof of that. Being specially-abled, both of them have been able to create a fan following for themselves. Rajesh is deaf and dumb and has always dreamt of being able to express himself through the power of speech. Through lip-syncing videos, Rajesh has found a niche for himself. He feels that Moj has given him the power to speak and listen. Rahul is a differently-abled man, who had dreamt of people treating him with respect and not sympathy. As the camera was his muse, Rahul thought that acting would be the right way to put himself out in the world. After gaining over a hundred thousand followers by uploading content on Moj, Rahul finally feels that he is able to express himself and show his talent to the world.

Moj has been a catalyst by giving a launchpad to many unknown faces and given wings to their dreams.

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