BBT5: Jessie's Hidden Message to Siri and Shannu

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In the last weekend episode of Bigg Boss Telugu season 5, the host, Nagarjuna, told contestants that their eliminated housemates wanted to ask some questions  after watching the episodes. While Jessie questioned Shannu and Siri, Maanas received a question from Priyanka, Anee Master asked Sunny, Natraj Master and Priya asked Sreerama Chandra and Kajal. 

Coming to Jessie, he first questioned Shanmukh to give a clarity about his relationship with Siri. Jessie further said that he knew about the friendship between Shanmukh and Siri, but he wanted the public to know about their relationship. Shannu explained that Siri Hanmanth has been with him since day one and has never let him down. When Nagarjuna asked Shannu to describe their relationship in one word, Shanmukh replied saying Siri is his best friend. 

Later, Jessie told Siri not to get emotional over trivial things. Then Siri said that even when she gets emotional, she never allows her emotions to distract her focus on the game. The Bigg Boss audience, however, feels that Jessie was indirectly dropping hints to Shannu and Siri about the image their behaviour in the house has projected to the viewers outside. He was trying to ask them to try and make the  audience understand that they are just good friends. He wanted them to get a walk out of the house with a clean slate.

The audience also felt that Jessie wanted Siri and Shannu to clarify their relationship in front of the public before the show ended, as he wanted the public to receive them on good terms and not create a mess of their friendship and hurt their feelings. To know whether Shannu and Siri will follow their friend's suggestion, let's watch the final episodes of Bigg Boss Telugu 5. 

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