BBK8: Super Sunday With Sudeep All About Divya Uruduga and Aravind KP

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Colors Kannada's most watched game show Bigg Boss Kannada Season 8 second innings has captured the hearts of millions of BBK viewers. It won't be wrong to say that BBK viewers are loving the second innings more than the first innings as it is all set to end in a matter of weeks. 

It is known that Aravind KP and Divya U are the most popular Bigg Boss Kannada contestants in season 8. The popularity of the two contestants on social media soared to an extent even they did not expect following their stint on the show. There are many fan pages named Arviya and Araviya, thanks to Aravind and Divya's bonding on the show.

Tonight's episode, it appears will be a visual feast to Arviya fans, who are all set to have fun and enjoy the conversation between Aravind KP and Divya U. 

Finally, Colors Kannada is back to focusing on Aravind and Divya U. Aravind KP and Divya U appear to be twinning in the promo. In the first innings, Colors Kannada had highlighted Arvind and Divya U a lot. As a result, the channel ruled the TRP charts. Now, the just-released promo of Aravind KP and Divya U in the Bigg Boss house is sure going to leave Arviya fans impressed and of course, in the bargain, Colors Kannada will get what they want--TRPs! 

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