BBK8 Finalist Aravind KP Plus Points and Minus Points

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Aravind KP must win, but as per the buzz Manju Pavagada is leading in terms of votes

Divya Uruduga and Aravind share fan following. So there's a possibility of the votes getting split leading to the loss of one of the contestants

There was a belief that only those from the entertainment industry would click on the Bigg Boss platform, while those from the rest of the field would go unnoticed. However, the notion has been changed by professional biker Arvind K.P. Arvind has been successful in grabbing the attention of the people of Karnataka by stepping into a field that is not related to him. Not only that, he is being portrayed as a winning contestant. So, what are Arvind KP's Plus Point and minus points? Here's the answer to the question.

Aravind Plus Points 
Although Aravind hails from the small town of Udupi in Karnataka, his confidence is always high. He has done some adventurous biking and overcome several hurdles. His confidence reflects in his speech. This is one trait which has drawn BBK viewers to Aravind.

Tasks: In Bigg Boss, a person's performance is assessed based on how he / she performs the task assigned. When it comes to Aravind, we need not tell you what a stunner of a performer he has been.

He's a natural: It's not easy to put on an act and stay for long in the Bigg Boss house. BBK viewers can see through them and call out their fake-ness. Aravind is one contestant in Bigg Boss Kannada Season 8, who has managed to stay consistent throughout the season. He has neither hidden his anger or friendliness. Perhaps, this is why he is the center of attraction not only among his housemates but also for the viewers.

Love: Aravind KP had his own fan following before entering the Bigg Boss house. However, he rose to fame on BBK for his chemistry with Divya Uruduga. If you regularly follow the show, then you must know by now that there are social media pages dedicated to Aravind and Divya under ArVIYa.

Minus Points

Zero Entertainment: Even though Aravind KP is leading in all his tasks, when it comes to entertaining housemates or viewers, Aravind is way behind other contestants. We have hardly seen him crack a joke or make fun in the house. He strictly means business.

Relationship with Divya: We already told you about the huge fan following the two enjoy. However, there's also a high possibility of the votes getting divided between the two which could act against Aravind KP when it comes to the final count.

Competitors: Vaishnavi and Manju are tough competitors for Aravind KP. It is known that Shubha Poonja and Divya Suresh, who were evicted from the house have been urging Bigg Boss viewers to vote for Manju. On the other hand, Raghu is rooting for Vaishnavi and Shamanth for Prashanth. So, it now remains to be seen if this will affect his voting percentage.

Will Aravind still emerge victorious? Kichcha Sudeep will reveal the answer in tomorrow's episode of Bigg Boss Kannada 8 Grand Finale on Colors Kannada.

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