Big Basket Ware House License Suspended, Dwaraka Hotel Booked: Hyd Food Safety Raids

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Following the Food Safety Department's raids, the license of the warehouse of the delivery chain Big Basket at Kondapur's Masjid Banda was suspended by the commissioner of the food safety team due to multiple irregularities in its upkeep. The warehouse contained expired chicken masala packets, packaged chicken sausages, pizza cheese, and packaged paneer. Additionally, expired ice creams and almond fudge bundles were discovered in the warehouse.

The commissioner mentioned that edible oil was leaking over other food items in a statement. Furthermore, ten milk bottles, five thick shake bottles, and fifty soft drink Sting tin cans were not stored according to the manufacturer's guidelines. The officials also noted that various edible and non-edible products were stored together. A notice was issued to the warehouse managers, and the warehouse's license was subsequently suspended.

In a separate incident, a complaint was filed with the Khairatabad police against Dwaraka Hotel in Lakdikapul for serving spoiled sweets to a customer, resulting in her diarrhoea.

The customer had ordered veg biryani, a full meal, carrot halwa, and moong dal halwa from Dwaraka Hotel and noticed that the sambar was spoiled and emitted a foul odour. Despite complaining to the manager, no action was taken, prompting the customer to take both halwa packages home. Upon consuming the carrot halwa at home, the customer found it to be rotten. Consequently, a complaint was lodged with the police, who registered a case against the hotel under IPC Sections 273 and 337 for selling food or drink that is toxic or unfit for consumption and for causing harm by an act that endangers life or personal safety.

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