Microsoft-Yahoo Deal Will Hit Google Hard

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While Yahoo was once the world's first search engine, Google has gradually gained ground. Google is on its way to becoming the world's most popular search engine.

Microsoft, on the other hand, is about to issue a major challenge to Google. Microsoft Corporation has made an offer to purchase Yahoo Inc. for $ 44.6 billion (approximately Rs 3.3 lakh crore). Both companies could pose a threat to Google as a result of this agreement. Yahoo's board of directors is considering the idea, according to the company. Yahoo's stock rose nearly 48 percent to $ 28.33 during the time, with a 700 million user base (approximately Rs. 2090).

This isn't the first time Microsoft has made an attempt to acquire Yahoo. Since 2008, the company has been working hard to achieve it. Microsoft wrote a letter to Yahoo's board of directors, offering $ 31 in cash and stock per share. Consumers will benefit greatly if this deal materializes.

The supremacy of Yahoo in news, finance, and sports: Every month, more than 500 million (50 million) people visit Yahoo for news, finance, and sports. It is on top when it comes to customer email service. Experts, on the other hand, say that the two firms each have their own market supremacy. Emails from instant messages, as well as ads, fall into this category. A web search market with news, travel, and finance sites is also available. However, among these, Google dominates.

Consumer advantage in competition with Google

Google is without a doubt the internet's king charm. From the Google search engine to the Android operating system on smartphones, Google has complete influence. A majority of people depend solely on Google applications and apps. Customers are also being charged on a daily basis by Google for a variety of services. Users must pay Rs 130 a month to access Google Images.

Yahoo is likely to fall into Microsoft's hands in such a scenario. It can then launch a number of services to compete with Google. Yahoo currently offers a variety of resources that Microsoft can use. It can entice Google users to its side with the aid of these services.

List of Yahoo services

Yahoo Mail - Yahoo Entertainment - Yahoo Finance - Yahoo Lifestyle - Yahoo Search Engine Yahoo News, Yahoo Research, Yahoo Small Business, Yahoo Sports, and Yahoo Travel are all part of Yahoo.

Yahoo had 70 million users on Microsoft's Bing search engine in 2019, with 126 million (126 million) of them in the United States alone. Surprisingly, the Bing search engine is used here rather than the Google search engine. Similarly, 700 million (700 million) people used the Yahoo search engine per month in 2020. 225 million (22.5 million) of these are monthly active users.

Apple is following the same path.

Apple has also started operations to smear Google's image as a search engine, according to a report by a major news organization. Apple has begun displaying its search results on the latest iOS 14 operating system for the iPhone. This is the first time Google search results have been absent from any Apple operating system.

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