Sam CS calls North Chennai his source of inspiration for ‘Label’ music

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Chennai, Nov 20 (IANS) As actor Jai’s intriguing vigilante-action-thriller-legal drama series ‘Label’ continues onward, composer Sam CS has elaborated on giving music for the venture. A pivotal source of his inspiration was North Chennai.

Talking about the series’ music production, he said: “Thrillers have less dialogue writing compared to other genres which is why music plays a critical role in elevating the whole story to immerse the audience into the world of suspense and thrill."

He said that while a major chunk of my filmography features thrillers, every story is different and comes with its own challenges.

“‘Label’ owing to its unique story and strong narrative seeped in Tamil culture was doubly challenging,” he said.

Sharing the source of his inspiration he added: “While working on the music for ‘Label’, I focused on accumulating the emotions of people from North Chennai and using my music to voice it. Being a Tamilian from Chennai, we know that not every territory of its Northern part is how it is projected and my music attempts to display that.”

The show focuses on the journey of one man’s fight for justice and breaking social biases, doing so both legally and illegally. Both lawyer and vigilante, ‘Label’ is somewhat like the Marvel superhero Daredevil, a lawyer by day and vigilante by night. Only here, the lawyer doesn’t fight in just the night, isn’t blind but has super senses, and is more than okay with murder.

The series revolves around two distinct sides of Tamil Nadu’s capital city, both of these sides have distinct labels which society has given them differentiating them and leading to social bias. As per the societal tag, South Chennai has the label of being a peaceful, prosperous, and normal world, while North is soaked in criminality.

This is the very label that Jai is trying to break in his fight, breaking the stereotypes, elevating his own status and his community’s, all the while trying to get rid of its corruption.

The show is directed by singer-lyricist Anuraja Kamaraja in his directorial debut and features actors Jai, Tanya Hope, Mahendran, Sriman, Harishankar in pivotal roles. With music given by Sam CS, the series can be streamed on Disney+ Hotstar in Tamil, Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, Kannada, Telugu, Malayalam, with new episodes dropping every Friday,



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