Watch: Kerala Cops Spread COVID-19 Awareness Through Enjoy Enjaami Cuckoo Song

Kerala Cops Spread COVID-19 Awareness Through Enjoy Enjaami Cuckoo Song  - Sakshi Post

With the COVID-19 pandemic second wave effect caused a surge in the number of cases in the country, governments and health department officials have once again started awareness campaigns to follow basic COVID protocols of wearing masks, hand washing and maintaining physical distance.

One of the reasons for the rise in the cases is that people are not following the rules strictly. No matter what the authorities and doctors say, some people are not following the basic rules and endangering others lives along with theirs. In this context, the Kerala Police released a video as an innovative attempt to create awareness among the public on the COVID rules which went viral on social media.

The awareness video was done using the recent Tamil super hit song 'Enjoy Enjami'  by singer Dhee.

The Kerala Police changed the lyrics of the song to highlight the message of following COVID regulations.  A video of the Kerala Police both men and women cops dancing to this song was posted on their official Facebook account. The song also had English subtitles for viewers to understand what they were singing , which was highly appreciated by netizens.

Singer Dhee's 'Cuckoo Cuckoo' Dhee has crossed 30 million views on YouTube with 1.5 million likes and was produced by AR Rahman on his new platform to encourage new singers.

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