Watch: This Dosa Can’t Fly But Named Spiderman Dosa, Internet Gives Thumbs Up

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Chennai: Dosa is a staple breakfast food item for most South Indians. There exists over a 100 different types of dosas and to add to the growing list, we now have a Spiderman Dosa. The superhero experiment with dosa making has been taking the internet by storm. 

In a clip shared on Instagram handle Namaste India, a Chennai woman dosa vendor is shown applying an unconventional method while cooking the dosa. The woman is seen pouring the dosa batter into a sauce dispenser-like bottle and then instead of spooning the batter, she pours it in numerous circular forms to create a web-like pattern into the pan. 

Later, she moves to the other pan and repeats the process and adds egg wash, vegetable kheema and cheese to the filling along with spices such as oregano (ajwain) and chilli flakes to it. Once both the dosas are cooked, these are topped over each other creating a mesh and served with ketchup in the shape of a smile. 

The unique dosa variety has received thumbs up from the netizens. Some users called this dosa type as ‘fanta maggie’ while others wondered why this was not called a ‘dosa sandwich’.

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