Bihar Girl Left 10th Board Exam To Marry Her Lover

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We come across interesting stories everyday. Something might happen and that just become the new meme material for the netizens. As the saying goes, ‘Love is blind,’ a girl from Bihar took the saying to heart and left everything behind for her love.

The girl from Bihar's Katihar district woke up in the morning to get ready and head to write her exam but what happened next shocked the parents. Instead of going to the school to write her Board exam, she ran away and got married to her lover. The girl returned home along with the longtime lover turned Husband. Her family was left in shock.

The girl was to appear for her 10th class exam and left her house for that. But outside the exam hall was her lover waiting for the girl. They both took off from there and got married in a temple. According to the reports, the two were dating for a long time.

The girl was identified as Gauri. The couple met in 2016 and their relationship took off from there. They wanted to get married but the families were against it. Since the family members didn’t give their blessings, the two decided to get married secretly.

Gauri and her lover got married in a temple and even took the help of police. Gauri couldn’t appear for her Board exam which means one full year was wasted. The girl confessed that nothing matters to her anymore. She will not get any marks in her Board exam, but she scored full marks in the test of love.

Since the family was not happy with this union, the couple was not accepted in the house. Neither the groom’s nor the bride’s family agreed to take them in. The couple is now stranded and are confused as to where they should go.

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