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The young actor Nihal Kodhaty has been shining in showbiz since his childhood days. He acted as a child artist in multiple films. He is also back in the movie business playing lead roles. He wants to do justice to his characters. The story of A Beautiful Story is headlined by Nihal Kodhaty. The film also features Drishika Chander, Madhunandan, Bhargava Poludasu, Samarth Yug and Bhavana Durgam. Check out the review of the film:

Plot: Nihal Kodhaty's Ravi is a dedicated and honest employee of LIC. He falls in love with Drishika Chander's Charitra, who is a voiceover artist. Drishika is a girl with big dreams; she cracks every single audition and is waiting for a big break with Disney Studios. Just as her dreams start taking wings, something terrible happens. One night, Drishika meets a common friend of Ravi, named Vikram (Samarth Yug). The story takes another turn. Drishika will closely move with Vikram and ignores Ravi completely. In fact, she deletes him from her life.

Later, Ravi gets to know that Drishika goes missing, which makes cops dig into the case. What happened to Charitra? Why she went missing? What happened between Vikram and her? To crack the mystery puzzle, you must watch the film.

Performances: Nihal Kodhaty's innocence makes you fall in love with him. Nihil wears the characters like his second skin, flawless acting. Drishika Chander excels as a fearless voice artist who has multiple things to battle. It is great to watch Madhunandan on the big screen after a long time. People will surely love his comic acting, be it the slang or the expression. Bhargava deserves a special mention and does his job well as a police officer.


The film is largely neat and clean. I personally feel the background score is more than the actual sound of the film. Director Ravi Prakash has chosen the right script, as it is extremely relatable and believable. Some of the characters are introduced well. They also got good screen space but the purpose behind doing is not much revealed. Somewhere, I feel the story got stuck in the middle and didn't move forward in a good way. Production values are rich, including the right selection of the cast. Director Ravi Prakash could have tightened the script and made it crispy. The film is watchable for the audience to receive awareness as well as to update themselves about the current situation of several social issues.

Verdict: The Story Of A Beautiful Girl is not bad that you must ignore it. The thriller will surely entertain you all with some twists and turns.


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