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Release Date : November 18, 2022

Starring: Sangitha, Thiruveer, Kavya Kalyanram, Subhaleka Sudhakar, Akhila Ram, Bandhavi Sridhar

Director: Sai Kiran

Producer: Rahul Yadav Nakka

Music Director: Prashanth R Vihari

Cinematography: Nagesh Banell

Editor: Jesvin Prabu

Sangitha's Masooda has been released in theatres. The film earned mixed reviews from all quarters. Check out the review:


The story is set in an old area in a city. Gopi (Thiruveer) is a selfless person who lives far away from his family. He is in love with a colleague (Kavya) at his office. One night, when the colleague comes down to his flat, their privacy is disturbed by Neelam (Sangita Krishna). 

Neelam, who is Gopi's neighbour, is in trouble. Her daughter Naziya (Bandhavi Sridhar) is scaring her after being possessed by a mysterious spirit. Gopi and Neelam (whose husband lives separately) approach a ritual performer to tame the spirit. But their attempts fail because the ghost, named Masooda, is stubborn. Will they be able to save Naziya?


The film is dominated by the performances of Thiruveer and Sangita. The former, known for movies like 'George Reddy', is very good. The latter, who is known for her outstanding acting in movies like 'Khadgam' and 'Shivaputrudu', is a plus. She shows the pain of a mother concerned about her daughter's well-being so well. 

Bandhavi Sridhar, who plays the teen girl, is talented. Kavya Kalyanram, the child artist of 'Gangotri' fame, is beautiful. If she gets the right roles, she will have a good future. 

Subhalekha Sudhakar plays a Mantrik. Satyam Rajesh, Satya Prakash and others are also seen. The artists who have played Muslim characters look natural.

Technical Departments:

Prashanth R Vihari's music adds a scary flavour. The song sung by Sid Sriram is touching. Nagesh Banell's cinematography takes the film to the next level. Kranthi Priya takes care of art department. 

The film has been released by producer Dil Raju. Swadharm Entertainment brings to the table the strength of right making values. It previously made 'Agent Sai Srinivas Athreya'. 

What's hot?

The storyline is impressive. The suspense is maintained till the climax. 

The horror elements are elevated by the technical quality. 

The dialogues are natural.

Debutant director Sai Kiran tells the drama without resorting to gimmicks. 

The second half is ful of meaty elements. The flashback is interesting. 

What's not?

The film has too much run-time. The first half could have been less lengthy. 

The track involving the character Masooda could have been written better in the second half.


Masooda is a good horror-drama. This is not a regular horror-comedy. In that case, you can give it a try.


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