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Manjummel Boys turned out to be a blockbuster in Malayalam. Based on true incident in 2006, the survial thriller garnered critical acclaim from several quarters. This caught the attention of Mythri Movie Makers who are releasing the Telugu-dubbed film. Will this work in Telugu too? Let's find out.

What's the Story About?

A bunch of friends from a town called Manjummel decide to go to Kodaikanal for a trip because they felt jealous of another group going to Munnaar. They have a blast in Kodaikanal until they explore a cave (Guna Cave) where a famous song was filmed. Did their trip end well? What probelms they encounter and how do they survive form the crux of the film.


Sreenath Bhasi does an amazing job as Subhash, especially in the second half where his performance is really touching. Shoubin Shahir and his friends also perform well. The film features some well-known actors, including George Maryan and some Tamil actors, who do a decent job. Special mention to the child actors who play younger versions of Sreenath and Shoubin.

Technical Details:

The cinematography by Shyju Khalid is outstanding, creating visuals that make you feel the tension and suffocation. The production design is also great, supporting the visuals effectively. The music by Sushin Shyam complements the sound design well. The editing maintains a good pace throughout the film. Sreenath Bhasi's makeup, especially in the second half, deserves praise.


Breathtaking Visuals

Solid Performances


The film starts with a tribute to Kamal Hassan, showing the director's admiration for him. The use of a famous song in a key moment rather than as background music is a nice touch. The rivalry between the two groups of friends, which may seem like filler at first, becomes significant later in the film. Everything introduced in the first 20 minutes serves a purpose, making the story more cohesive.

The screenplay's smart choices, like revealing childhood portions later and connecting them with the present, add style to the film. There's potential for more depth in character exploration if introduced earlier.

In essence, "Manjummel Boys" is a gripping survival thriller that keeps you on the edge of your seat.

Conclusion: A thrilling survival story worth watching.

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