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Thiruvananthapuram, April 26 (IANS) Anil Antony, son of veteran Congressman A.K. Antony, who recently surprised everyone by joining the BJP, on Wednesday asked all to leave his father alone.

Anil made his grand entry into the BJP in Kerala on Monday when he was on stage with a selected few when Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed a mammoth youth gathering at Kochi.

During the rally, all eyes were on Anil, and when Modi came on to the stage, the prime minister patted Anil and spoke a few words also.

It was on Tuesday that Anil reached his parents' home in the state capital city for the first time after officially joining the BJP.

And, on Wednesday he was spotted at the local BJP office for the first time and when asked how things are at home, he replied, "I have the highest regard and respect for my parents and my brother. There are no issues at all," said Anil.

"Please leave my father alone, as after 52 years of parliamentary politics he has retired. Now the party is led by Rahul Gandhi and others. It's only Modi who can take the country forward as the present Congress party is not the one which he saw at close quarters for long," added Anil.

Ever since Anil decided to join the BJP, Antony has come under severe attack from several quarters, especially social media and has caused deep agony to the 82-year-old Congress veteran.

Now all eyes are on the national leadership of the BJP on what post Anil would be given as by now it has been found out that like his father he is no orator.

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