Israeli jets strike Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh's house in Gaza: IDF

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Jerusalem, Nov 16 (IANS) The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) on Thursday said that fighter jets struck the house of senior Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh's house in Gaza.

In a post on X, the military said on Wednesday night, "the 215th fire brigade in the 162nd division attacked with fighter jets the house of Ismail Haniyeh, the head of the political bureau of the terrorist organisation Hamas".

The IDF claimed that the house was being "used as a terrorist infrastructure and, among other things, as a meeting place for the organisation's senior officials".

There were no immediate information if there were any casualities.

Earlier this month, Palestinian media reports had claimed that Haniyeh's grandaughter Roaa Hammam, a medical student at the Gaza University, was reportedly killed in an IDF airstrike.

But the Israel military did not comment on the reports.

On November 4, an Israeli drone fired a missile at Haniyeh's house in Gaza

Haniyeh, who is the group's political chief, has been outside the Gaza Strip since 2019, residing between Turkey and Qatar.

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