Mourners Freak Out After Dead Woman Knocks on Coffin During Funeral

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A woman who was declared dead by a hospital in Peru after a car accident stunned mourners at her funeral by knocking on her coffin. 

The funeral service of the woman- Rosa Isabel Cespedes Callaca was being carried out at Lambayque city in Peru. When relatives lifted the coffin on their shoulders they heard a knock and immediately lowered it. On opening the coffin, they found her alive to their surprise. 

“She opened her eyes and was sweating. Immediately went to my office and called the police," Juan Segundo Cajo, the cemetery caretaker said. 

Callaca's family took her to Referential Hospital Ferrenafe where the doctors put on her life support. A few hours later, she has pronounced dead again. 

Callaca’s relatives are now seeking answers from the hospital as to how was she declared dead in the first place. They believe that she may have been in a coma after the car crash which was the reason why doctors declared her dead. 

Peruvian police are investigating the records of Lambayeque Regional Hospital where she was admitted for treatment after the fatal accident. 

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